A Little Bit of Celebratory Sexy

Today is a happy day at work.  I found out that next year, I can spend 11.5% more on shoes, dresses, and junk food!!!!  Oh, and probably alcohol.  Though I’ll try to find poor, unsuspecting men to pick up those tabs.

Anyway, I got my first raise at work and I am so excited.  It’s a beautiful thing.  I have been through a fair amount this year, so the fact that I have kept up with my workload is kind of astonishing.

Under normal circumstances, I would certainly run out and spend the money I don’t have yet in celebration.  However, if you recall, I had a rather successful (read: expensive) trip in NYC recently.  So instead, I will share with you a few older purchases that I will definitely wear in celebration.  These pieces are not from my Aritzia binge, they are from a separate shopping binge that I was too embarrassed to admit to after spending $685 the previous day (back in those days when I made less money).

Between NYC boys #1 & #2, I came to an important realization: now that I am single, I need cuter bras.  Being an action-oriented individual, I took a short break from work and walked myself down to the closest lingerie store – Sugar Cookies NYC.  I’ll be honest… their slogan, “cover your pink parts,” made me think it was going to be really shady and a little kinky.  How wrong I was.  Twenty minutes later, I walked out with $400 of new lingerie.  Damn, those salespeople are good.

Here are some highlights that will be hiding under my clothes, secretly boosting my confidence in the coming days.  I have included some supplemental clothes that I am coveting as well… I guess a girl needs those, too. All of the clothes come from the online love of my life, shopruche.com. Their stuff is modern-vintage and just my style. Love.

Red is the sexiest color. I wouldn’t mind wearing this with a sheer-backed number. Oh my gosh, you can see how cute my bra is? I totally didn’t know that. So embarrassing…

A pretty lace bra can make a blah day at work feel much sexier than it actually is. And we all need a little sexy in our lives.

Bold colors are so good on brunettes. In this scenario, I get to wear one on a date, and a different one after the date! Score.

So those are my beautiful new bras, paired with clothes that I will probably impulse purchase the next time I get laid.  Damn hormones.

Everyone make an unnecessary purchase in celebration of my raise!!!  I won’t pay for it, but I’ll think of you.

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