Sunday Sunshine

In honor of lazy Sunday, I have decided to share five things that bring me joy today.

1. Baked Brie: One of my friends brought over a wedge of Brie for our appetizer last night. Naturally, we topped it with jam, dried cranberries, and slivered almonds before baking it to optimal gooeyness. And yes, we did have cheese for an appetizer course before our skillet mac & cheese. Save your judgement for someone else, I have no shame.

Yeah, we weren’t so shy about digging in. 

2. Red Lipstick: I am so into this right now. I used to think that the contrast would be too dramatic for my skin tone. Then I realized that my personality is going to be entirely more dramatic than anything I put on my lips.

The lipstick I am wearing is Chanel Rivoli from the Rouge Coco collection. (An impulse purchase of last week. Must begin regulating that.)

3. Buying Yourself Flowers: My ex-husband bought me a vase every single time he bought me flowers, and you know what I am left with? A really weird display of assorted vases. I call it my modern art. Thanks a lot, idiot. When I buy myself flowers, I re-use the vases I already have and buy the kind that last much longer than my fleeting love interests. Happy Sunday to me.

Pretty lilies > boys.

4. Elastic Waist Pleated Skirts: To me, these are the total package. Sexy. Schoolgirl. Eat-as-much-cheese-as-you-want. They make me especially happy because I remember how much my ex hated everything high-waisted. I feel like a rebellious teenager wearing them. You don’t own me anymore!

Skirt from Aritzia. Once their online store opens up, I am in serious trouble.

5. Puppies: Puppies never go out of style. And damn, mine are cute. These high-maintenance little boogers were the only things I truly cared about taking with me out of the marriage. They have been the ultimate source of comfort in my dark times, and there is nothing that brings more sunshine to my gloomy days.

Enjoy the last sliver of weekend!!! Monday looms ahead…

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine

  1. Writing Jobs says:

    Great post. I enjoyed reading your blog today.

    If you love to write we would love for you to join us!

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  2. typefashion says:

    Red lipstick is perfect to glam you up any time ! love wearing it 🙂 and i agree we should buy ourselves flowers too 🙂

    Nice post ! happy to find it ..


  3. I love everything about your Sunday! I just want to crawl into your pictures and live in them 😉 Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. I’m not much for lipstick but I’m with you on the Brie!

  5. Sarah D. says:

    Your pups are truly adorable! Makes me want to reach through the picture and pick ’em up, or at least rub their bellies! Best therapy on the planet.

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