Retail Therapy: Home Edition

A mere four months ago, I was a perfect little wifey. As a result, I currently live in the boring ‘burbs, far far away from all of the bars and attractive single men.

My apartment is gorgeous: high ceilings, faux fireplace, two stories, 1200 square feet. It is also the worst and loneliest of places. There are secret memories hiding in the drawers that I dare not open, wedding cards stuffed in the guest room closet, and a pile of framed pictures I took down from the wall.

In a little over one month, I am moving to the center of downtown. The thought makes me explode with happiness. This means that me and my posse of hot ladies will only have a four minute walk to our favorite bar. Watch out, Austin. Danger ahead.

In my spare time, I have been surfing my favorite home good sites and ordering new furniture to cleanse the aura of my apartment and remove all of the bad husband karma. Or at least that’s what I use as my excuse to buy pretty new things.

Here is my rough vision for the living/dining room, which will have a red accent wall (Eeee, I love accent walls!). I will be sure to post much cooler pictures once this actually becomes a reality.

Sofa pic taken from Apartment Therapy (the pic of the actual one I bought was a different color in the picture, so I used this instead. close enough.)
End table from World Market
Blue Chair from World Market
Painting from Bed, Bath & Beyond
Dining Set from World Market

Here is the more zen vision for the bedroom. Gray accent wall. You know, gotta set the mood.

Duvet from West Elm
Pillow from World Market
Ottoman from West Elm
Frame from Target
Headboard from Headboard Store

Retail therapy is magical. It can even soothe the fact that there was a re-org at work today and I now have a new boss. Who happens to be my old boss. Who I like less than my current boss. Joyful times, indeed.

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2 thoughts on “Retail Therapy: Home Edition

  1. Verna says:

    This is great thereapy. You should wash that guy the F**** out of your life. Who needs a guy who is suposed to be loyal to you but is humping others even before your married! What a total douchenozzle! Go back into the city and live your life, but be carful about other guys who want just sex. You want a relationship leading to marrage, and you should not have sex until you are sure the guy is not just in it for his own fun. I recomend you get a hold of a book about empowerement. We have the power. Men need what we have, and we do not have to give it to them. Fooey on slobs that just want to have sex. Fooey!

  2. Totally agree- he needs to be out of my life for good. As for the sex thing, I must say that I do feel very empowered and in control of my decisions in that respect. There are definitely men who would use me for sex, but I still feel like I make my own choices as to if and when that is what I want, too. Plus I am DEFINITELY not looking for marriage anytime soon. I’d love to meet some fun guys, but I hope I don’t meet “the one” for a couple of years because I am certainly not ready for him. Right now, I am focusing on doing what is best for me, meeting a lot of cool people, and having fun!

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