Bling, Rings, & Shiny Things

Part of my new life philosophy is that I take care of myself.  And by that I mean I buy exactly what I want, when I want it and end up crossing my fingers that my next pay check gets deposited on time. I’m really good at saving money.

From pillows to candles to jewelry, nothing lifts my spirits like something with a little sparkle.

For the last six months, my fingers have been looking incredibly bare. I used to have a beautiful wedding ring and a gorgeous heirloom ring from my ex’s mother that made it possible to spot me from miles away. He even bought me a second wedding band as a “please stay married to me even though I cheated on you” gift. It would be sweeter if he didn’t take all of my rings back before he agreed to sign the annulment papers. Bastard.

Here are my fingers on my wedding day, looking much shinier.

Instead of missing those rings and all of their broken promises, I am trying to find one that I love so I can buy it for myself. It can symbolize my great taste in jewelry, something that will last a lifetime.

My faves from Pinterest

I also bought this necklace from a vintage shop a couple of weeks ago. It is proving to be very versatile. And yes, it is sitting on my desk. I work hard.

Now it doesn’t always have to be jewelry- other shiny objects can fufill my needs, too. Let’s not ignore these pillows and candles from West Elm. I am developing a real home decor shopping problem.

Shiny pillows and their friends, shiny votives.

Shine on, ladies. Shine on.

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4 thoughts on “Bling, Rings, & Shiny Things

  1. Whitney says:

    You can never have too many shiny, blinding objects. The blingier, the better.

  2. I have a candle fetish.. There, I said it .. grins .. I have probably 50 candles in assorted holders, and on a stormy evening you can’t beat having the living room lit up by candles..

    I can’t believe he took your rings back. That is .. odd 😦

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