Sunday Sunshine: San Francisco Edition

Ok, so it’s not quite Sunday yet. Gimme a break, I am going to be hung over all day tomorrow.

This morning, I flew to San Francisco and got a big dose of happiness injected into my week. The food is enviably delicious, the weather is warm, and the men are pretty hot themselves. I haven’t completed my mission of making out with my work crush who lives in San Fran yet, but give me time. My swagger takes more than one day to take full effect.

Here are five San Francisco treats making my trip extra special:

1. A Perfect Brunch: I have never seen an egg as beautiful as this one in the Pacific Northwest Benedict at the Plant Cafe. I took a picture of it and it wasn’t even mine. Salty salmon… creme fraiche… sprinkle of dill… I think you can imagine my food envy face at its finest when this was delivered to the table and I didn’t get to eat it.

2. Buying Yourself Jewelry: I hit the streets of San Fran while in the market for some new finger bling. Deadly combination. I snagged this little beauty from a Swarovski shop. Now the cute boys can see me sparkle from afar. Holler.

3. LaMarca Prosecco: We downed a bottle of this faster than we ate our pizza…. and by we, I mean four girls who really, REALLY like food. That says a lot about how delicious it was. Literally the best Prosecco I have ever, ever had.

4. Pear-Avocado-Blue Cheese Sandwich: This beauty was my actual order at the Plant Cafe for brunch. Eating the delightful and surprising flavor combo was enough to make me not cry about not ordering the aforementioned salmon benedict. Big accomplishment. Check out those layers.

5. Hotel Room Slumber Parties: Hanging in the room with these lovely ladies felt like middle school all over again. We called boys on speakerphone and left long rambling messages, giggling like teenagers. We wore robes. We shared extensive commentary on whatever was on the TV. Girl time is so refreshing, and so necessary for a week that will mostly involve drinking, schmoozing, flirting, and being hungover. Stay tuned for updates on that.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Editor’s Note! Yet another sunshine-y spot in the day was meeting the most adorable gay couple and having some quality girl-gay gossip time. If anyone knows of a gay bff for me in Austin, I am seriously deprived. Now seeking applicants. PS is it weird that their cute honeymoon phase made me insanely jealous? Are girls supposed to be jealous of boys?

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine: San Francisco Edition

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wheres the part about the adorable gay boys you hung out with? This post is incomplete and boring without that. Just saying.

  2. I will be drooling over that sandwich in my dreams!

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