Why a Single V-Day is Not Sad… in Haiku Form

Reason 1:
Valentine’s day gifts
are always so much better
when you pick them out.

LampsChairCandles StudsDanglesDress – Watch – Necklace

Reason 2:
Singles awareness?
Or excuse to bake a lot
and then stuff your face?

Cupcake holders – Apron – Macaroons – Rose Cupcakes – Pink Stand Mixer – Cookies

Reason 3:
No man? No problem.
Now you don’t have to pretend
to like that dumb card.

Heart-Shaped Pizza – Purrfect – Roses are Red – Personalized Thong – Ecard

Reason 4: 
Ah, Valentine’s Day.
Excuse to be a huge bitch,
and nobody cares.

Give her chocolate – Bitch Wine – Necklace – Meh – Bite Me Cake

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12 thoughts on “Why a Single V-Day is Not Sad… in Haiku Form

  1. This is completely true!

    I prefer V Day with my girlfriends !

  2. Meg says:

    Completely agree on baking a lot and then stuffing your face. The year everyone in the world had Valentine’s Day plans but me, I did the ol’ cliche (and loved it!): I watched my favorite girly movie (“Becoming Jane”), baked tons of cookies and red velvet cupcakes and then sat around pigging out. It was awesome.

  3. #1 – Agreed!
    #2 – Baking, definitely.
    #3 – Or pretend to love flowers just because Hallmark decided you should.
    #4 – Do we really need an excuse? 😉

    Great post!

  4. Thanks for visiting my little corner of the blogging world 🙂 I LOVE the black lace dress in this post. & I am very much enjoying reading your blog, you have a brilliant sense of humor!

  5. Kate says:

    So funny! So true! I love it. Particularly that baking bit…

  6. […] If you are single and want to cheer up, read this. […]

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