Sunday Sunshine: Park City Edition

Superbowl Sunday: the day we pretend to like the NFL so that we can make adorable themed snacks and watch commercials.

I really do enjoy a good superbowl party, which is why I’m sad I don’t get to go to one this year. I’ll be spending yet another Sunday at the airport en route to Chicago for a business trip. Delicious.

Speaking of delicious, here are a few things I am enamored with today (spoiler: none of them involve football).

1. Honesty. I love this chocolate bar from Urban Outfitters because it says exactly how I feel inside. I brought you Christmas fudge? Cookies for your birthday? Open that box and give me one, or we’re not friends anymore bi-atch. Love ya.

2. Trish McEvoy Make-Up Brushes. I have had these exact brushes for seven years now. I begged my mom to get me this set in high school, and I distinctly remember her warning: “You had better be using these damned things twenty years from now for how much they cost!”

Worth it. I love these babies.

3. Skiing. My very first time skiing was over Christmas break, and I am now braving the black diamonds! Of course, the longer black diamonds make me want to hyperventilate mid-slope and lie down in the snow, but I get through it.

I made the mistake of looking all the way down on my first big-girl black diamond yesterday. The rest of the descent was filled with rampant cursing and promises to myself that I could eat the leftover hot fudge if I made it down the slope cliff alive.

I really do love it, though. So peaceful and active at the same time.

Can you believe this pic is from the window of my airplane?!

4. Funky Eyeshadow. I have green eyes, so I have a love affair with plum eyeshadows that draw them out. Once in a while, it’s nice to mix it up, though. When I was hung over in NYC, I took a break from work day to go buy make-up. (Can you believe the guy I stayed with the previous night didn’t have any I could borrow? Rude.)

Anyway, I blindly followed the salesman’s advice and bought these fun greens and yellows. I mean, come on, the guy used to do make-up for Xena, Warrior Princess. How can I not trust those kinds of credentials?

5. Strange Sex. Okay, this is one of those shows that reminds me of a car wreck. So awful… that I can’t look away. It was on last night, and we all watched two episodes. Sad thing is I had already seen both.

This show has got some seriously fucked up people. A girl with two vaginas, a dude who castrated himself, and a couple turned on by excess fat who set a goal of making the woman 1,000lbs and completely immobile… as a source of sexual pleasure.

Okay, you’re disgusted. But you’re also intrigued. Don’t lie to me, you wanna watch it.

Happy Commercial Sunday, my lovelies. Eat some extra goodies for me!

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine: Park City Edition

  1. McMademoiselle Likes says:

    Oh I love the Urban Outfitters chocolate bar!! Made me giggle and if we could find it here it would definitely be something that I’d give to my friends.

  2. Never heard of Strange Sex, but am now incredibly interested!

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