The Search Term Hall of Fame

Isn’t it strange to see the search terms that direct people to your website? Out of the entire internet, Google thought that your site was one of the very best fits for that phrase. What an honor.

Personally, I think more people should be finding my blog through “super awesome girl writes inappropriate, funny shit,” or perhaps “divorced twenty something seeks scruffy, delicious-looking man in a blazer.” Yes, those seem appropriate.

But alas, Google disagrees. And so I present for your enjoyment – my top five favorite search terms that have directed lost souls to Ring Finger Tan Line.

5. modern ocean accessories
When outdated ocean accessories just aren’t your thing, come on down to Ring Finger Tan Line for the modern stuff. Ultra comfy seaweed sandals and shark tooth headbands coming soon. 

4. missguided pink blazer
First of all, it appears this individual was misguided in spelling class by their third-grade teacher. Although, I am more concerned about the fact that they think fashion accessories can lose their way. Not sure how they ended up here- all of my blazers are on the good and righteous path. Maybe try the Gap for the misguided ones. I hear they’re into the dirty drugs.

3. any way to get a quick tan on my ring finger
Gee, what are you trying to do that for? Took your ring off on that boys trip to Cozumel and don’t want your wife to know about it, huh?
Get off of my website, you sick fuck. You disgust me.

2. cute girl wearing string and sit on the bed
Cute girl? Oh, Google you make me blush *giggle*. I’ll have to post a picture of myself wearing my newest string and sitting on a bed so that this one can be justified. Just let me run to Hobby Lobby and pick up the wardrobe for the photo shoot.

And the best search term of them all (drumroll pleeeeeeeeease……..)

1. pizza thong
Taking edible underwear to a new level. I dare you to find something that will make you more appetizing to a man.

What about you guys? What’s your favorite term that has landed someone on your site?

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12 thoughts on “The Search Term Hall of Fame

  1. Miss Tasty says:

    Thats great! I love your posts. Keep them coming!

  2. Lindsey says:

    Wow apparently my readers aren’t nearly as creative as your’s! My top search engine phrase was “mixing metals”…go figure!

  3. emarie24 says:

    I get searched out by “having sex with your brother” really often, since I made a blog about sleeping with two sets of brothers. It really disturbs me. But I love seeing what people search me by! It’s so entertaining!

  4. People search for the weirdest things! I don’t think most realize that we as web hosters can see what they are typing!

    I wrote a similar post you might find entertaining 🙂

  5. I don’t have any that are even slightly as exciting as yours! Bummer. Mine are all food related, go figure.

    I have to wonder about the string and bed thing…and pizza thong? Eww. 😉

    • Haha, guess it’s probably because you haven’t written about lingerie 😉

      I really have to wonder what is going through people’s mind when they search these things.

      PS- Pizza Thong was searched TWICE. hahaha

  6. mooselicker says:

    I would definitely eat a pizza thong. Hell, I’d eat a pizza and then eat a thong separately. I’m not picky.

  7. Bahahaha!! These are AWESOME – especially the pizza thong. I had no idea edible underwear went to that level… !!! Amazing.

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