The ShoeDazzle Swindle

Since my annulment, I have been through a lot of therapy. Sessions generally last about twenty minutes and take place on the most fabulous online clothing & accessory boutiques. Like any good therapy, it’s expensive, but my family fully supports me getting the help that I need to heal. And how do they expect me to move forward in life without great shoes to walk in?

ShoeDazzle became a fast favorite for this retail therapy of mine. The shoes are high quality and all priced at a reasonable $39.95. Recently, I logged on and began browsing their latest contraptions for stepping on my ex-husband’s man parts in style. To my utter delight, I saw that I had been awarded two free credits. TWO FREE CREDITS! I pinched myself, for this could not be happening. Two pairs of beautiful shoes, $0.

These ShoeDazzle folks must have sensed my large influence over today’s fashion and rewarded me with free footwear, I thought.  I have been waiting for this day my entire life.

But alas, I was mistaken. They failed to appreciate my reach to 150 blog followers and a handful of impressionable young children.

Upon further investigation, I found $40 monthly charges trickling out of my bank account and straight into the greedy hands of ShoeDazzle employees. I was outraged. Tormented! My shoe minions had betrayed me. So much for my dramatic ascent to peep toe glory.

So what am I to do? The only way to purchase their wonderful products is to be a member. The only way to not get charged every month is to click a “skip the month” button by the 5th, which we all know I will never do.

I’m torn. I feel betrayed and swindled, plus I really hate that they send me emails from Kim Kardashian. Because I totally care what shoes she is wearing next time she tries to annul her marriage. I started that trend, Kim. And I was wearing my own fabulous shoes doing it.

So the question remains… should I stay, or should I go?

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6 thoughts on “The ShoeDazzle Swindle

  1. Jared says:

    That would just p*ss me right off. Well, maybe you could take some of your old shoes and refurbish them. Yeah, I watch Martha Stewart when I’m feelin’ froggy. Seriously though, you should make your own shoes and post pics of them.

  2. I canceled my membership with them. I couldn’t remember to “skip by the 5th) either, and I’ve sometimes found their shoes under a different brand name for less at DSW. I sapped my shoedazzle membership for a DSW rewards program.

    I loooove DSW though. Free membership, free shipping, free returns (at the store), and you can sort by size – so you’re only looking at what’s available. *gush* Oh, and their rewards program sends coupons for $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00 off. No minimum purchase.

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