Sometimes you have to forget what’s gone, appreciate what remains, and look forward to what’s next

-my coathangers, looking beautiful and ready to move downtown-

It is amazing how deeply entwined your life can become with another’s in such a short time. Even more so how long it can take to untangle the mess when your time together ends.

 –from the guestbook at our wedding-

In less than 24 hours, I will be as close to free as I imagine is possible at this point. I’ll take my boxes, all of the china, and our two furbabies to a new home where my ex-husband can’t find us anymore. A place with no memories, no expectations, and no regrets.

-from our favorite photos together-

I will be strong enough to leave behind the artifacts of our life together that I still secretly cherish when no one is around. The love notes I shouldn’t read, the cards I shouldn’t save – they will all stay here with a piece of my life that it’s time to walk away from.

-the letter he wrote me the first night I left him-

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life. It’s the first day of yours, too. Remember to cherish what you have rather than dwelling on what you do not. It is never too late to begin again.

The Big Move-On

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17 thoughts on “The Big Move-On

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing photos of your new place! One that is all yours, with no bad memories attached, so you can truly leave the past behind you. Chin up sister, it only gets better from here. 🙂

  2. Hi love, just read this and I am feeling for you. I hope that you know how incredibly strong you are and that no matter what you are amazing and beautiful! This is an exciting time but also very hard… I am sure you will handle it with grace just like you have since it all started. I hope you end this chapter with peace in your heart. ciao. xoxo

  3. Going through a similar situation. Even though I am the one initiating it, I still feel hollow.

    Good luck…

  4. “It is never too late…” Amen. Very proud of you for being so strong, even when it’s so hard. You have great things in your future missy! Congrats on the new place! xo

  5. McMademoiselle Likes says:

    And brand new place for a brand new beginning. You will be very happy now!

  6. Very touching post! Chin up, Lady! You’re so strong! Yayyy for a new place .. that just means shopping for new decor 😉

  7. Baker Bettie says:

    You are a strong beautiful woman, and you are right. Our frame of mind is our reality. I love that you are focusing on this new adventure and all the things you have to look forward to instead of “what is gone.” Can’t wait to hear about your new place in downtown Austin and all the shenanigans if brings you 🙂

  8. themoonandme says:

    Your posts are so uplifting. My husband and I separated too when I realised he was on the list for a brain donation…nah, I just realised he was incredibly stupid instead of adorably silly. Still living in the place we lived together, but on the right track to leaving. I wish you all the luck in the world in your new home.

  9. Claire Lopez says:

    Enjoy your new home and make lots of new memories!

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