Birthday Cake Fail.

We ordered a birthday cake at work for Hank & Scott. S-C-O-T-T, Scott. I suppose I’m not on the up & up with baby names these days, because it appears that Zott is definitely more common and should be the default for birthday cakes. Maybe it’s time Scott considers a change.

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8 thoughts on “Birthday Cake Fail.

  1. theuglymoose says:

    Why can’t Hank and Zott have a blue B’day cake? I admit, I have a cold today so I might be missing something.

  2. You must check out the Cakewrecks blog. It all started with an office party cake that turned out with:
    “Goodbye Catherine
    and underneah that
    We will miss you”

    And yes, the misspelling was on the cake too. So consider Zott lucky.

  3. Lindsey says:

    Once we got a birthday cake for my uncle Kevin and it came as “Kerwin”…ummm…?

  4. McMademoiselle Likes says:

    That is the reason why I refuse to order cakes with a custom message!! I remember my birthday cake when I turned 10 (a long long time ago), they wrote Caroline instead of Celine. I cried.

  5. I sometimes feel like the bakers just mess up the names just for a good laugh 😉

  6. The Mouse says:

    They can call me whatever they like, as long as I get cake, and it’s good. 🙂

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