How-to: DIY Chalkboard Frames

Look at these chalkboard frames and their empty white frame friends. They are fucking adorable, don’t try and tell me otherwise. Maybe they are not 100% straight, but I think it adds to the home-made charm.

These lovely items are currently adorning the red accent wall in my beautiful new home, but I bet you would never guess their orignal purpose. I actually made these long ago for the best and most beautiful party I have ever been to: my wedding. Here they are looking smashing on the chairs and tables:

I wish I had taken pictures of the whole process, but at the time I did not have the foresight to know that my marriage would have a quick and painful demise, leading to the creation of this glorious blog. Silly me. Must begin reading tarot cards.

From what I remember, here are the best instructions that I can give:

  1. Find assorted frames at goodwill, salvation army, Michael’s, etc.
  2. Purchase them. This step is important if you want to avoid arrest.
  3. Remove the backs and glass.
  4. Spray paint the frames whatever color you’d like (I have a penchant for white) and allow ample dry time.
  5. Take the glass that was in the frame and douse it in chalkboard spray paint. Do at least 2-3 coats. You can get the paint at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, but it is in the locked up cabinet so that the employees don’t get high off of it or steal it to make their own fabulous chalkboard frames. Go figure.
  6. Re-assemble and go to town. Draw pretty patterns, love quotes, unicorns, rainbows, phallic shapes – whatever your heart desires.


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9 thoughts on “How-to: DIY Chalkboard Frames

  1. Diggin’ the accent wall. I’d do something similar, but the management will not let me paint. Or chip the plaster away revealing more exposed brick. Communists. Even “it’ll increase the charm for the next tenant – I’ll do it myself…” won’t sway them. Guess I’ll make do.
    I can fully appreciate your words on moving on as far as leaving negative walls behind. Even though it wasn’t really by choice to leave Hawaii for Georgia, it has turned out to be more medicinal than I originally thought…
    Now. Time to continue the difficult process…

  2. Meg says:

    Chalkboard frames are definitely cute — and I had no idea they were so simple to make! Sort of makes me want to get crafty . . .

  3. Six step instruction list is amazing. So funny.

  4. Baker Bettie says:

    CUTE! Did you know that “chalkboard paint” is really just ultra flat black primer? True story. It is so much cheaper than chalkboard paint and it works exactly the same.

    I love your chalk art by the way!

    • I had no clue! How do you figure these things out??

      And thanks! I worked very hard on my chalk art. Pretty proud 🙂

      • Baker Bettie says:

        I figured it out on accident. I was repurposing a piece of furniture and spray painting it with black primer and it painted on exactly like chalkboard paint (I have used it before for some projects) So I tried it and it worked. I couldn’t tell the difference between the chalkboards that I sprayed with primer and those I sprayed with chalkboard paint. I am fairly convinced they are the same thing, just marketed to make you spend more money.

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