Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today is one of those days. Get lost on your way to work, realize your shoe is broken, then get yelled at by your boss kind of day.

These cookies are for these kinds of days. Good thing there is a tin of them on my desk waiting to be shamelessly consumed as soon as the next fire ignites.

The basis and inspiration is this lovely post from one of my fave food blogs, Baker Bettie. She’s pretty awesome. Like a less annoying Alton Brown.

I modified the chocolate chip cookie recipe to my taste: caramel-y, chewy, moist, chocolatey, gooey, yummy. Browned butter is the secret.

Here are some shots of how mine turned out. I would write a longer, more thought-out post, but I am really busy drowning my sorrows in the leftovers. Sorry about that.

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16 thoughts on “Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. princess christie says:

    these look UH-MAHZING

  2. Please send me one of those ASAP!

  3. Baker Bettie says:

    I feel like that is the best compliment anyone has ever given me. “A less annoying Alton Brown!” Thank you!!!!

    They look amazing! Did they meet your expectations?

    • Hehe I’m glad! They were quite delish! I think next time I should make a couple of the modifications to keep them taller- they were a little thinner than I usually like. But the gooeyness and browned butter flavor was heavenly!

  4. Those look so good I might cream my pants.

  5. breannesp says:

    Somewhere between photo 6 & 7 is where my own recipe documentation would end, as there would be nothing left to bake (unless you can bake an overwhelming sense of guilt caused by a gut full of cookie dough).

  6. Meg says:

    I could definitely go for some chocolate-chip solace right about now — definitely having one of those days.

  7. These look delicious! You and my husband would get a long well…he also thinks Alton Brown is annoying and loves a TON of chocolate in his chocolate chip cookies. Ha! 🙂

  8. rmv says:

    i guess i was wrong. food CAN cause an erection.

  9. postmod says:

    I just tried the melted butter secret with my usual cookie recipe. Amazing. Who knew?

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