When the Guy You Blog About Finds Your Blog.

Yep. That’s what happened. The guy from this post and this post.

He wrote one hell of a long comment, which I have yet to approve but am presenting here since he has insisted that his voice be heard. Loud and clear, buddy. The spotlight is yours. But you might want to try spelling and grammar check next time.

Here it goes:

Hello ladies, I am party bus guy and I would like the opportunity to defend not only myself but all good men who are pigeon holed so quickly by reflecting, jaded or otherwise insecure women.

Fair enough. I did judge you pretty quickly. But you screwed up equally quickly, so it looks like we’re even, buddy.

For starters, I’d like to correct the untruths in the story. I did not “beg” for her number that morning. She was ranting like a “crazy girl” (and I’m being nice when I say girl), which I’m not going to lie was a little amusing and I cut her off to say, “so can I have your number?” I thought it was pretty funny at the time. Then she proceeded to rant more to which I replied, “Are you going to give it to me or not?” And she obliged. No begging

We will have to agree to disagree on this point. I remember it going very differently, and I was not half-asleep… so I’ll stick with my memory, thanks.

Now, I don’t think I did anything all that wrong in the first place but I did call as she said to apologize when I woke up that morning. While I don’t feel I did anything specifically wrong and she was being a little ridiculous, I do agree that even when girls are being irrational as men we should do our best to assist in making them feel better which I admittedly did not do.

You’re right – women are totally irrational and you were a complete gentleman. Not helping a lady to gather up her clothes before she leaves (when her DAD is staying at her apartment and she has to be home before he wakes up) is total chivalry. What on earth was I thinking? I should really be apologizing to you.

So I called once early and once later to which she replied saying she was busy.

I was actually quite busy. Plus I never wanted to talk to you again, which *full disclosure* I had already told you at least twice.

Then the following day I called her out on her being aloof and she responded with the whole, “I know how I want to be treated and that was not it.” Speech to which I responded “cool”. Literally, both of us agreed, no hard feelings. Moving on. Then I literally said to myself, “That’s kinda sad for a girl to be so quick to want to label a guy an “asshole” or a douche so easily.” She’s probably had bad luck with men. I’m going to try and take her out again, she needs to meet a good guy.

Surprisingly accurate. I have had very bad luck with men, and have extremely high standards as a result. If you think they’re too high, we were obviously not a good match to begin with and are both better off.

So I messaged one more time saying that I feel bad because I think I gave her the wrong impression and that I would like to take her out to show her. All true by the way. That was it. No calling all day the next day, no begging, no calling at least 5 times since desperate for a date.

There are 5 missed calls from you on my phone. Would you like to see it?

Simple, I though we had fun. The sex WAS really good.

You’re welcome.

I thought we could have a good time and it felt like she needed it. That’s all. The reason I say all of this is because I heard creepy thrown around with loser, douche ect. More the creepy thing though, had to set that straight, no stalking here.

Pretty sure I never called you creepy or a stalker, but you can go back and check if you’d like.

Ok, as to the actual “act” in question here. Let me get this straight ….

After hanging out most of the night, I have her and her friends over to my place after to hang out with my buddy and I. The place gets trashed, a $100 bottle of wine is consumed among other things (just saying, not complaining) and after partying all night her ride leaves at roughly 4:00 AM with my friend.

For the record, I never did anything to trash your place. I sat on the couch like a good little girl and drank some wine until you whisked me away to your room. The only trashing that was done was you throwing my clothes around everywhere. Other than that, you can blame your friends I suppose.

Then we hook up and pass out around 430ish. I am black out drunk, and going on 24 hours without sleep after just spending the last 30 to 45 minutes working out for all intensive purposes.

Not my fault you’re tired- and also, false. I would say 15-20 minutes.

And after FIFTEEN minutes I’m being poked and poked until woken. When I come to and realize she’s wants to leave (which if a guy did that, he would automatically be labeled a douche).

Again – my father was sleeping in my apartment. Forgive me if I wasn’t crazy about walk-of-shaming back to him. I told you this, but you were probably a) tuning me out or b) already asleep again.

Did I get upset? No. Was I rude? No. I calmly and sweetly, through my haze said, “I’m sorry, we took a cab here. Remember. I don’t have transportation. You should stay… but if you have to go you’ll have to call a cab because my car is downtown.” This was my one true mistake. I should have called the cab for her I admit.

Yes, that would have been nice.

But in my defense, I was borderline comatose and it would seem to me that under the circumstances a “successful” 24 year old woman can manage the super difficult task of calling yellow cab. Either way, she seemed to get it and took it in stride so I passed back out.

It’s not that a woman can’t manage things. She wants to be taken care of. When will men understand this?

Then she’s poking me again … “what’s the number?” she asks. Seriously!? What’s the number!? That’s a ridiculous question. “I don’t know, google it.” Which I was being a little rude at this point but come on, these are not difficult tasks here.

Pretty sure I was just trying to piss you off at this point because you were being a dick and not understanding that I really needed to leave.

So she scoffs and again and again I say, “You’re welcome to stay.” as sweet as I know possible. “No?” Ok, pass out again. That’s how tired and drunk I was, passing out was instantaneous.

How sweet. I’ll have to remember to include that in my list of fairy tale ways that I’d like to be treated.

And …… you guessed it, she’s what? Oh yeah, she’s poking me again. “Where are my clothes?” this time. Is it just me or are these head scratchers? “I don’t know, try the foot of the bed or surrounding areas.”

Not a ridiculous question as I found some of them by your bathroom, where you had apparently chucked them. Thanks for that.

Now I find myself to be a gentleman but I did not know that it was the mans duty to hand a lady her clothes when she’s taking off in the middle of the night. Maybe you girls can help me with this one.

You find yourself a lot of things, it appears. And YES, it is a man’s duty to help her find her clothes. LADIES, please tell this man he is wrong on this one.

Anyways, so finally after a lot of hard work and determination, a cab has been called and she’s dressed. So, she’s in the middle of calling me an asshole as she leaves and despite all of this irrational behavior. I ask her for her number and say I would like to see her again. She rants more, I asked her one more time. She gave it to me.

By that you mean you took my phone and called yours. I gave you nothing.

The rest, you know. I woke up a few hours later feeling like I should apologize to her anyways because I am that nice and the rest is what it is.

What a knight in shining armor.

So to recap.

She fucks me and leaves in the middle of the night

I am sorry about that. I really wasn’t planning on going home with you in the first place, and it was just a night that I really did need to get home.

Then she blogs about me without telling me.

Excuse me, since when do I need permission?

And while she didn’t use my name, how many successful 29 year old party bus owners are there in this town? And who go out in the same places I met her … Anyone who read this and knows me, knows who this is about. Not cool.

I never said your age, or where we met. In fact, I have never mentioned where in Austin I hang out. Also, you flatter me much. You really think the whole world reads my blog? I don’t know, maybe they will now. Your response is pretty entertaining.

And for what? Because I didn’t call a cab for a “successful” 24 year old woman?

Still not sure why you keep putting that in quotes. I am successful, thanks.

Then I call her and try to take her out anyways, and she blogs about it again…. Calling me a douche among other things. …..

Still free to blog about whatever I want. And still entitled to my opinion on the status of your douchehood, which just dramatically escalated.

If I did everything she did. She could blog about that and you all would think I was the biggest asshole of all time. But then again, if the shoe fits…..

Oh, ouch! Someone made a zinger!

And where did the whole “loser” thing come from? Or is that just what jaded girls say to make them feel better? I’m 29, own 2 companies, live on one of the most famous streets in the world in one of the greatest cities in the world. I answer to no one, set my own schedule, have THE GREATEST group of friends and family anyone could ever ask for and am a generally good person. I don’t know, I think I’d say I’m kind’v winning at life.

Just like Charlie Sheen, eh? WINNING WINNING WINNING!

And I was actually interested in taking “blogger girl” out again but this time she fucked it up by being so quick to judge or write off because of your own issues.

Yep. I’ve got issues, buddy. You’re probably not missing out because you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into in the first place. Surprise!

I’m sorry about the whole shitty guy thing, but one bad guy doesn’t ruin the batch believe it or not. Hope the next guy gets more of a chance. And that is really the point of this. I feel like I talk to too many of my girlfriends who think that every guy is an asshole when it’s just not true. Try giving that guy a chance next time. If it’s a bad date at least it’s a good story and he just might surprise you.

I generally give guys chances until I literally don’t see any kind of future with them at all. The process just didn’t take much time with you. Not my fault.

And sober sex comes from seeing the same guy more than once. Maybe I’m not the first guy to be falsely labeled…. You might want to give 20 minutes late guy another crack, Jesus he was a little late it’s not a job interview. The non payer can kick the curb though, no excuse.

20 minutes late guy and no payer guy are the same guy. Double whammy. You can tell I’ve been lucky in love.

Lastly, when I told my guy friends about it. They were so angry about the blog that they wanted me to get blogger to meet me out and stand her up.

That’s very rude. You should get nicer friends.

Which I couldn’t do.

Glad to hear. Thanks.

There are always two sides to every story and those who have heard mine think that blogger is in the wrong but who cares really, I’m only writing this to defend myself and hopefully help out the next guy.

Oh, sorry … last thing I promise. My friend who was with her friend that night is totally into her and still hanging out. Not a douche either. Thanks for listening

Your friend called her a cab, paid for it, snuggled with her, and then called her another cab in the morning. I would go out with him if I were in her shoes, too.

For the blogger girl only, I would appreciate it if you took out the whole “party bus thing”. It’s really easy to know who you’re talking about for anyone who knows or meets me and reads this. I’d like to keep the general public from knowing about my one nighters however non one nighters I originally intended them. Thanks and good luck

If only the general public read my blog. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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41 thoughts on “When the Guy You Blog About Finds Your Blog.

  1. princess christie says:

    Omg omg omg, this guy is on crack. Also, it is impossible to be a “successful party bus owner.” He is deluded. Also a huge sissy. Who would write a post like that????

  2. Whitney says:

    I agree with princess christie, wholeheartedly.

  3. jennyrauch says:

    Well, you can include me in the general public now. You sound like we would get along 🙂

  4. Lauren says:

    BAHAHAHAHA this is hilarious. Burn.

  5. rmv says:

    i don’t care how long i might have been going without sleep. if i had been so absolutely lucky to have a beautiful woman like that land in my apartment, there is no way i would be sleeping when she needed help. i would have carried her home if necessary.

  6. Jared says:

    He said, “all intensive purposes”. Hahahahahaha, Yes, douche is appropriate.

    Great story.

  7. McMademoiselle Likes says:

    I feel like I’m missing out, not having party buses here in Ireland and all that…. (or not, after reflexion)

  8. I feel like you may have over-reacted a tad bit. I also feel like he could have been a LOT nicer.

    But then I read his rebuttal. While I understand him not liking the idea of being blogged about, he did himself no favors.

    All in all, you’re just 2 people that didn’t quite click.

    • princess christie says:

      She did not overreact. This guy is an idiot. Not only because of the crap flowing from his keyboard, but from the fact that he actually looked for/found/read her post.

    • Well, we certainly are not on the same page. I can see how I went a little nuts, but I don’t really regret it, either. There comes a point when you’re “over it” and that point just came very early for me with this guy.

      I just really hope that he takes something away from this other than “I am good at sex” haha

  9. Both of u are right and both if u are wrong There are two sides to every story and we will never know the full truth. Wayyyyyy back when I was single I would’ve chalked it up to a drunken nite where two people who normally wouldnt have hooked up did. Best u both just wipe ur asses and go home.

  10. singlenocats says:

    HILARIOUS! That’s my biggest fear- that the guy I “hang out with” will find my blog. But I imagine his response to it wouldn’t be anything NEAR what you got from this guy! lol I love your comments throughout the post. I agree with you about EVERYTHING! (And can I just say- I rarely ever read a blog this long, but I couldn’t stop reading. lol)

    • You know, I was pretty horrified at first. I was pissed that someone told him about the blog, pissed about the things he said, just really pissed in general. I actually had to get a conference room and be by myself for a little bit at work so that I could calm down.

      But when all is said and done, he read the post and honestly just thinks it makes a great story. I think a lot of the comments he put in there were speaking from outrage at the fact that I had a blog in the heat of the moment. Now that everything has calmed down, it’s really not that big of a deal.

      Gotta put things in perspective. Not like I haven’t been through worse, right? 😉

  11. What a piece of work!! Hilarious! Oh, OK “party bus guy”…now that you’ve defended yourself we all have a much higher opinion of you.


    He’s an arrogant idiot. I love how he said you and all your friends drank a $100 bottle of wine! Ooohhhhh $100 wine!!! Oh my word, I’m still cracking up. And how his friends wanted him to make a date with you and stand you up when they found out you blogged about him. What? Is this guy 12 years old?

    And lastly… I love, Iove, LOVE how he is giving you future dating advice. Classic!!

    Oh my. You should get onto Freshly Pressed with this one!!! hahaha

    Ohhhhhh…. “party bus guy”…you have given us all a lot to giggle about today. 🙂

  12. Baker Bettie says:

    I have one question. How in the world did he find your blog?! That would creep me out!

    And one more thing. I love you! 🙂

  13. ma thomas says:

    carrie bradshaw called, she wants her personality back.

    but in all honesty, you should go on another date with him, this is comedy gold

  14. Ma Thomas says:

    Ron Burgundy called, he wants his lack of conviction back

  15. Socialkenny says:

    Lmao,the pic with the cat made me spill my coffee.

    I’ve actually had this happen to me last year,where a girl I blogged about fount out.She cursed me out on Twitter and deleted me from Facebook lol.Shit happens I guess lol.

  16. LOL!
    It’s funny how some people would react about your blog, without mentioning a name. CLEARLY, this people are guilty.
    I have tweeted something about my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend (didn’t mention any name at all, but I guess she’s guilty)
    she left a comment on my youtube page, and posted something on her youtube page as well.
    That’s why it’s called blogging, we are entitled to our opinions…
    And this is one way of expressing our thoughts on things…

  17. i just found your blog. you’re hilarious.
    send him a dictionary for all of his great spelling, and maybe he’d like his balls back after this post.

  18. […] My date has not yet tried to feel me up in a dark alleyway. 2. He has not yet found my blog. 3. I am 90% certain he is not secretly gay. 4. Yesterday, an ugly bird shit on my head. Apparently […]

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