Sunday Sunshine

Yes, I know that Sunday is almost over. But I’ve had a really busy schedule today, so it was hard to find extra posting time. After waking up at 11:30, I had to go eat chicken and waffles for brunch. Then, I clearly had to blog (see last post) and nap until five. By the time I was done with all of that, it was dinner time.

Where has the day gone?

Here are my five happy bits of sunshine for this week:

1. Whole Foods Cake. I now live across the street from the flagship Whole Foods. This weekend was my sister’s birthday, so she came into town and we had some cake. These are the leftovers (hello, tomorrow’s breakfast). You can tell that we really hated it by the way it looks like a pack of wolves destroyed it without even using their paws. Such terrible manners.

2. My pretty little candle family. Look at them all shining so nicely together. I bought these on a shopping spree at West Elm and refused to use them until I was in my new place. Not only do they smell great, but they will greatly help in setting the mood when I am ready to bring a man home. You know, in like five years. Can’t be introducing the pups to just anyone.

3. Doggie Style. My mom (or “Grammie” as she is known to these two) brought some bandanas by for the pups. My girl is totally ready to get her flirt on in her strawberry one. My boy is trying to pretend that the plaid looks manly. Keep trying, buddy. I still love you.

4. Spring Pedicures. First of all, I’d like to apologize for not having prettier toes. God gave me great hair – you can’t have it all. I promise not to put you all through this often, I just really like the color I got for my pedicure. There have been a couple of 80 degree “teaser” days in Texas, and I am trying to pretend that it’s already spring. Maybe I can will the cold away with brightly colored toes, even if the do look a little ET-ish.

5. Air Mattresses. Because without them, there would be nowhere to sit in my living room right now. Please come faster, couch.

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine

  1. nonnygoats says:

    Puppies are sunshine everyday! They are super cute. 🙂

  2. Baker Bettie says:

    Oh I love that whole foods. I used to spend Saturday afternoons in there just walking around and gawking at everything. No all I have is a Kroger. It sucks. Sucks big time.

  3. Darling blog, puppies, and don’t even get me started on Whole Foods desserts!

    Thanks for sharing. Glad I found this blog.

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