Chocolate-Dipped Potato Chips

Be still, my sweet and salty heart.

 If you’ve ever wondered what chocolate and potato chips taste like together, the answer is delicious. And if you can’t tell, this recipe is rather simple.

In fact, I’m not even going to post it. If you can’t figure it out from the pictures, you should seriously consider re-enrolling the first grade. Unless, of course, you’re blind – in which case it’s totally cool if you email me for the recipe. Sorry to offend you, and be careful crossing the street.

The primary reason I love making things with chocolate so much is that my ex-husband was disgusted by it. I know – what kind of a person does not appreciate the pure, divine bliss that is chocolate? An idiot, obviously.

That really should have tipped me off that there was something wrong with him. In my next personal ad, I will be sure to add a disclaimer: “Chocolate haters need not apply.” Best to put the important filters front and center.

For those of you wondering, this is what I did with my free time yesterday. I contemplated folding the laundry, but combining potato chips with chocolate just seemed more urgent. I hear wrinkles are coming in style, anyway. I’m just being avant-garde, people.

In a completely unrelated story, why don’t I have any dates lined up for this week?

In any case, you should all try these. Refrigerate them to let them set. Or just eat them as you dip. I won’t judge.


…and on a completely serious note, we are getting dangerously close to what would have been my one-year wedding anniversary. I hope that everyone is looking forward to reading a tearjerker in four days.

And if you’d like to send sympathy cards and mass quantities of chocolate, contact my people. We’ll get something set up.

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15 thoughts on “Chocolate-Dipped Potato Chips

  1. Something is telling me that I have to try this 🙂

  2. Grace says:

    Oh, hell. I was supposed to be eating healthier, starting today. Now I expect I’ll show up to all those damn summer weddings with an extra million pounds. Mumus are totally in right now, yes? These look too good not to try.

    Also, sidenote, your ex hated chocolate? Total deal-breaker. There is something deeply wrong in the souls of chocolate haters. I will never understand.

  3. Baker Bettie says:

    I was thinking after your recent post that you should set up some kind of “Welcome to the Ex-Wifes Club” Gift Basket. With much needed sweets like cookies…. and whiskey of course. I would be happy to help out with the cookies. But you should also include these. These are the perfect wallowing food. Hell, I feel like I need to find something to wallow about so I have a reason to eat these.

  4. Yummy! I have a recipe somewhere for potato chip cookies I’ll have to dig up. Fried potatoes, salt, and chocolate? How could you possibly go wrong?

    I’ve always been leery of people who don’t like chocolate. Seriously, what’s not to like? And when you put it on a salty chip…come on people, it’s pure HEAVEN!!

  5. Andi says:

    Mmmmmm, so delicious. No one ever believes me when I tell them that chips and chocolate are pure joy.

  6. Ooooh, these look so good. I’ve never done this before, seems like a better version of chocolate covered pretzels.

  7. Oh my goodness, I want these for a second breakfast, please!

  8. postmod says:

    I’m a fan of french fries with a side of chocolate ice cream.

  9. […] and jalapeno jelly.  These cookies join the ranks of Rosemary Lemon Cookies with Olive Oil Glaze, Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips, and Strawberry Ricotta Cheesecake with Balsamic Drizzle in my slightly deranged collection of […]

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