SXSW: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Many of you may wonder what kind of horrible disease I must have caught that caused me to take a 2-day hiatus from blogging. After all, what do I even have to do other than write commentary on desserts and breast size?

Well, this week has been particularly busy. Droves of tech nerds, musicians, and hipsters have invaded my fine city to take part in the epic adventure that is SXSW. And I am in people-watching heaven.

Here is a brief summary of my adventures thus far:

The Good

SXSW means many things to many people. To me, it means free everything. My friends and I were awarded these lovely passes for having breasts. Did we take offense to this? No, we took a lovely evening of open bar, free sushi, and a live show by Jimmy Cliff instead. Thanks, creepy man with a cigar for your generosity.

Not all of the parties were quite as high-class, so we switched to some good old fashioned Texas beer when the champagne selection came from a box.

The Bad

Last night was sadly the low-light of my SXSW spree. Not because of the place or people, just because I was feeling down. It began with this bag of wine and ended with a very grumpy version of me whining until I passed out in the car.

One poor soul tried to approach me and make a connection. He asked if my eyelashes were real. When that shockingly incited no conversation, he incorrectly guessed what type of cellphone I was using to try and impress me. Then, he mostly stood there and stared like a drunken zombie.

Thank you for your inquiry, sir, but I am currently not accepting applicants with IQs under 60. Should my intelligence requirement be lifted, we will be in touch. But don’t hold your breath. I also bite. Not in a sexy way.

The Ugly

The people-watching at SXSW is incomparable. I want to rip some of the outfits off of the women and run away with them until I reach my closet, which I hear is the next craze in how to shop.

Other outfits are not only less desirable, but down right vom-worthy.

Exhibit A

Home girl needs some Stacy & Clinton in her life. Or at the very least a different pair of socks.

Exhibit B

What kills me is that I actually like her shirt. Just not awkwardly layered, and with neon bra straps a’ blazing. But the shoes leave me speechless – are they rain boots? wedges? cowboy boots? I’ll just call them “ugly.”

I have nothing more to say about this photo. So in summation…. SXSW is great. I cannot say the same for all of the wardrobe selections.

And here is my fake smile.

As one of my friends always signs off… kisses and blow jobs. (think about it. xoxo?)

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10 thoughts on “SXSW: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

  1. Claire Lopez says:

    Love your smiles (and the post)! I’ve never been to SXSW but I went to school at UT from ’76 to ’80 (yes, I could be your mother) and celebrated Eeyore’s birthday and other crazy Austin events. Love that town! Have some fun and a cold one for me!

  2. Love the pictures and commentary…About the boots… it’s the same here and in HI – apparently galoshes are in, and style is fucking OUT…

  3. brains says:

    eww. sick of the galoshes in various colors. wait, did you see springsteen’s speech? damn, i wish i could have seen that.

  4. Baker Bettie says:

    I think the worst part of SXSW was being stuck working at the state hospital while it seemed like the whole town was having a huge party without you! I so wish I was there though. Good times. Your clothing fail pictures made me giggle!

  5. I just got home from a fairly exclusive event (which I rarely get invited to but sometimes am able to gain access to thru what my grandfather referred to as “total bullshit” but which I like to refer to as “tactful diplomacy”) and engaged in a bit of people watching myself. So reading your reflections on SXSW was the perfect end to my evening. Thanks once again for the laffs. (Oh, and by the way, I will probably never sign of on anything with xoxo again. I’m just sayin’…)

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