Sunday Sunshine

After a brief hiatus, my Sunday Sunshine series has returned. This Sunday began with a strange, possibly gay, man in my bed. (Stay tuned for that post.) Then at brunch, a bird shit on my head. Please keep your laughter to yourself, because I’m still upset about it and very sensitive regarding my hair.

Despite this Sunday’s determination to crack me, I am drawing some sunshine from these things:

1. Bacon as an appetizer. They brought it to us with our chips and salsa at brunch this morning, right before the bird took its dump on my head. Apparently this is a thing?

2. Speaking for my dogs. This is Harvey. He is quite refined and prefers to speak in a British accent. Everyone is fairly certain he was once a wizard who accidentally turned himself into a tiny dog with a rogue spell. He now enjoys long naps, eating, and following me into the bathroom.

3. A good bloody mary. It was all I could think about after I rushed my new “friend” out the door. Nothing like a strange man playing with your dogs in his boxers to make you want a drink at 11 am.

4. My festive city. Uncertain who chose the “Cool Runnings” color scheme for the tower, but it looks very pretty at night. It turned all green yesterday.

5. Modern Family. I want to pee my pants I love this show so much. And if I was ever to go lesbian, it would be for Sofia Vergara because she is the most hilarious woman I can think of.

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine

  1. Love bacon, and Modern Family, and Harvey with his awesome British accent. But bacon as an appetizer with chips and salsa…weird.

  2. Oh yes, and I almost forgot. Dislike bird poop. Ha!

  3. ReginaMae says:

    I know this is probably no consolation at all, but apparently it is very good luck to have a bird poop on your head. Google it! It’s like a thing. 🙂 Hopefully it’s true and something incredibly fabulous is just about to happen. And if not, at least you made a bunch of readers laugh out loud today!

  4. […] 2. He has not yet found my blog. 3. I am 90% certain he is not secretly gay. 4. Yesterday, an ugly bird shit on my head. Apparently this is a good […]

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