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Sunday Sunshine

Oh, Sunday morning. You sneaky little bastard. Always coming far too soon and reminding me that my only weekend accomplishments were two inappropriate hookups and one load of laundry. Damn it.

Last night, as is becoming the Saturday night norm, I ran into three former flings. This town has got to get a better variety of men, because if this pace keeps up, I’ll be on round two by July.

First, I went to a friend’s housewarming at his sweet new downtown apartment. The co-worker I hooked up with on Friday was there, which was nice and cozy since half of my office was also there. Fun times.

Interestingly enough, the building my friend moved into also houses a certain Back Alley Way Lover. Approximately 10 seconds after I posted a picture of the view, he texted me asking if I was in his building. I stopped by to “say hi” on the way out. And I mean saying hi in the sense of making out in the hallway.

Later, I ran into poor Mr. Tomato Seeds. It was good to see him because he is such a sweet guy, but it was also a little strange. Primarily because he wouldn’t stop telling me how beautiful I looked and actually stroked my face longingly at one point. He will likely feel embarrassed about this when he remembers it today.

On a note that has nothing to do with this weekend’s shenanigans, here are five bits of sunshine making my Sunday less of an asshole:

[new favorite soup from whole foods – tomato zucchini. yum.]

[my super cool austin subway style prints from etsy, dressing up my red accent wall]

[refreshing raspberry gelato, looking extra appealing in a mini martini glass]

[festive spring flowers – one of my many impulse purchases from whole foods]

[new shoes for spring. damn you, temptress that is shoedazzle.]

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Sunday Sunshine

After a brief hiatus, my Sunday Sunshine series has returned. This Sunday began with a strange, possibly gay, man in my bed. (Stay tuned for that post.) Then at brunch, a bird shit on my head. Please keep your laughter to yourself, because I’m still upset about it and very sensitive regarding my hair.

Despite this Sunday’s determination to crack me, I am drawing some sunshine from these things:

1. Bacon as an appetizer. They brought it to us with our chips and salsa at brunch this morning, right before the bird took its dump on my head. Apparently this is a thing?

2. Speaking for my dogs. This is Harvey. He is quite refined and prefers to speak in a British accent. Everyone is fairly certain he was once a wizard who accidentally turned himself into a tiny dog with a rogue spell. He now enjoys long naps, eating, and following me into the bathroom.

3. A good bloody mary. It was all I could think about after I rushed my new “friend” out the door. Nothing like a strange man playing with your dogs in his boxers to make you want a drink at 11 am.

4. My festive city. Uncertain who chose the “Cool Runnings” color scheme for the tower, but it looks very pretty at night. It turned all green yesterday.

5. Modern Family. I want to pee my pants I love this show so much. And if I was ever to go lesbian, it would be for Sofia Vergara because she is the most hilarious woman I can think of.

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Sunday Sunshine

Lazy Sundays have always brought me so much happiness. Forget running errands and getting shit done. My favorite way to spend a Sunday is rolling out of bed straight onto the couch. Add in an entire season of 24 or Lost and possibly a pint of Pistachio Gelato and I am in procrastination heaven.

Unfortunately, I spent most of today with a terrible hangover and no couch. Regardless, I still managed to find a little bit of sunshine from this week’s favorite things.

1. Capri Blue Candles. These are super pricey, but amazing. I bought myself one as a housewarming present for my big move on Friday.

2. Leafy Greens. Delicious. Nutritious. And they make me look really cool and alternative walking through the farmer’s market.

3. Homemade Doggy Treats. A friend of mine made these adorable pumpkin treats and gave my pups a doggy bag to take some home. I kind of want these itty bitty cookie cutters for myself.

4. Friends Who Can Cook. My friend made me this delicious chicken parm before going out last night. It’s a good thing I had all of this deliciousness in my stomach before consuming small buckets of vodka.

5. Grammy Party! Because the best part of awards shows is the commentary on everyone’s outfit. And the snacks.

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Sunday Sunshine: Charleston Edition

Today, I am en route from Charleston to Austin. Let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like a Sunday at the airport. The smell of overpriced chinese food, the jolting boom of the loudspeaker, the unshakable chill that almost makes you want to pay $5 for a plastic-wrapped blanket… hard to beat this ambiance.

The purpose of my four-day Charleston getaway was to get in some girl time with my college roommates. Last time we saw each other, two of them were walking down the aisle with me toward my future husband. It’s amazing how much life can change in less than a year.

My favorite (and also most difficult) moment of the trip took place on the beach. As we walked to the ocean, I thought about all of the beaches I had been to with my husband. I thought of the time my kite carried me off the ground and I was flipping down the beach – stopping only when he caught my jacket and we both thudded to the ground bursting with laughter. I thought of when we built a sand damn just to see how many waves it could withstand, high-fiving each other with every success.  Of venturing out on perilous-looking rocks, seeing who could find the most tiny crabs. Of falling asleep in the sun and applying aloe to each other’s backs for days. Of salty kisses when I could barely keep my head above water. Of lying in a hammock suspended over the water on our honeymoon, not wanting for anything in the universe but each other.

Everything rushed back to me at once and behind my sunglasses, I started to cry. I tried to ride out the memories in silence, but fortunately, I got caught. Then, four of my best girlfriends surrounded me in the most epic of group hugs. I wish there was an aerial camera to capture that beautiful memory, along with the strange looks the passersby must have been giving us. It was something I’ll never forget.

Charleston brought me joy, pain, and a strong distaste for pastel-colored pants. Along with that, it brought some nice tidbits of sunshine. So without further ado and sappiness, let’s get to the goods.

1. Rustic Gold Jewelry: I am a sucker for dangly earrings. I feel so glamorous and indie chic with these. The best part is that they are super light and only cost $6 at the open marketplace in Charleston. Amen for knockoffs.

2. Goat Cheese: This is a favorite of mine in any state. I could have it in my breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert and die happy. Though I’d rather stay alive so that I can eat more of it. This delicious baguette topped with goat cheese and roasted tomato came in a little lunch bundle with red wine and tomato bisque- all for $8. I have to wonder what they do to the goat cheese in Texas to make it so much more expensive.

3. Casual-Chic Hairdos: One of my girlfriends made this tiny half-braid in her hair for a casual day of urban hiking (aka walking around town). I have always had hair envy for her mermaid locks of gold, but it was exacerbated when she pulled off this beautiful do. Since we live in different states, I am deeming it completely acceptable to rip this off and call it my own when I get back to Texas.

4. Springtime Flats: Measuring in at just above 5’2″, I have a general aversion to flats. They make me feel stumpy, small, and like a fatter, squished version of myself in heels.  However, in the interest of my still-mildly-sprained ankle, I have put all my beautiful heels in temporary confinement and invested in some new flats. And guess what? I don’t hate them! They are sassy, feminine, fun, and perfect for springtime (which starts in a couple of weeks for us Texan folk).

5. Wrought Iron Details: One thing I loved about the deep south was the intricate decor and paint work on the exterior of the homes. I love using white wrought iron indoors to give a modern-vintage feel. If I could steal this from the window, I would put it up on my new red accent wall in a heartbeat. I would also probably be in jail.

Happy Sunday, my friends! May your day have fewer shrill baby screams and less motion sickness than mine.

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Sunday Sunshine

In honor of lazy Sunday, I have decided to share five things that bring me joy today.

1. Baked Brie: One of my friends brought over a wedge of Brie for our appetizer last night. Naturally, we topped it with jam, dried cranberries, and slivered almonds before baking it to optimal gooeyness. And yes, we did have cheese for an appetizer course before our skillet mac & cheese. Save your judgement for someone else, I have no shame.

Yeah, we weren’t so shy about digging in. 

2. Red Lipstick: I am so into this right now. I used to think that the contrast would be too dramatic for my skin tone. Then I realized that my personality is going to be entirely more dramatic than anything I put on my lips.

The lipstick I am wearing is Chanel Rivoli from the Rouge Coco collection. (An impulse purchase of last week. Must begin regulating that.)

3. Buying Yourself Flowers: My ex-husband bought me a vase every single time he bought me flowers, and you know what I am left with? A really weird display of assorted vases. I call it my modern art. Thanks a lot, idiot. When I buy myself flowers, I re-use the vases I already have and buy the kind that last much longer than my fleeting love interests. Happy Sunday to me.

Pretty lilies > boys.

4. Elastic Waist Pleated Skirts: To me, these are the total package. Sexy. Schoolgirl. Eat-as-much-cheese-as-you-want. They make me especially happy because I remember how much my ex hated everything high-waisted. I feel like a rebellious teenager wearing them. You don’t own me anymore!

Skirt from Aritzia. Once their online store opens up, I am in serious trouble.

5. Puppies: Puppies never go out of style. And damn, mine are cute. These high-maintenance little boogers were the only things I truly cared about taking with me out of the marriage. They have been the ultimate source of comfort in my dark times, and there is nothing that brings more sunshine to my gloomy days.

Enjoy the last sliver of weekend!!! Monday looms ahead…

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