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Sneak Peek: Pasta with Spicy & Creamy Marinara Sauce for Two

Another night, another round of “what the hell can I make with the meager rations in my pantry.”

I present to you tonight’s delicious results. The sauce is healthier than most since I used cream cheese and mascarpone (leftover from these) rather than heavy cream. Tastes equally incredible to me. And now I feel like a cream cheese commercial.

You may be wondering who I am sharing this with, as it’s labeled “for two.” Don’t get too excited – my +1 is simply my future self who will undoubtedly be scarfing down these leftovers tomorrow and justifying it with 45 minutes of pretending her gear is higher than it is in spin class. Classy lady, that one. I like her already.

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Sneak Peek: Roasted Vegetable & Avocado Medley

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Afternoon Delight: Cheddar-Apple Quesadillas

Ah, snacktime. My second favorite kind of afternoon delight. If only I could enjoy these cheesy apple quesadillas after a… different kind of snack.

In the absence of an eligible bachelor, I’ll still eat them. Even if I didn’t work up a sweat to earn it.

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Heavenly Strawberry-Lemon Angel Food Cupcakes

Are we the cutest cupcakes in the land? I think we just might be.

A couple of nights ago, I had terrifying dream. I was on a cruise ship and had to go through these ridiculously tiny crawl spaces to get to my room. About halfway through, I realized that I couldn’t fit anymore. Say it ain’t so – all of the binge drinking and stress baking has finally caught up with me!

I started crying in the dream and woke up mumbling about my massive thighs. It’s a really good thing there were no men in my bed that night, because something tells me that “My hips – they’re expanding!”¬†isn’t a sexy pick-up line.

Now I’m not much for dream interpretation, but I do believe the higher powers were trying to tell me something with this one… something very close to “get your ass to yoga burn, and stop eating the entire world while you’re at it.”

Unfortunately, as evidenced by my frequent odes to food, I do not do well on de-toxes. I’m sorry, higher powers, but kale juice and flax-seed isn’t going to cut it for me. I’d rather get the flu and detox the natural way.

So as I see it, I have two options: find someone infected with a serious virus and rub myself on them, or start cooking a little lighter and hitting the gym more. If it wasn’t illegal and highly creepy, I’d still probably take the first. Alas, I am stuck here brainstorming ways to make de-toxing less painful.

My own special form of de-tox does not cut out dessert. Instead, it turns it into a light, airy dinner replacement in the form of strawberry-lemon angel food cupcakes. I’m sure most grandmothers wouldn’t approve of dessert for dinner, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Sugar or a hot bod? I’ll take both, please.

For the cake, I used the recipe found here, but used strawberry chunks in place of the sugary puree (look how good I’m being!). For the whipped cream, I whipped a small carton of heavy whipping cream, added some juice from the strawberries, about 1/2 tsp of lemon extract, and about 3 Tbsp confectioner’s sugar. These turned out like tiny clouds, so puffy and perfect. I feel my hips shrinking already.

I spy nutrients!

The perfect meringue.

Couldn’t resist including 2 shots.

Add the strawberry chunks

Scoop into cupcake liners.

Bake 13-15 min. at 325

Whip the cream (do it by hand for added workout)

Scoop on the whipped cream

Decorate until they are the cutest little cupcakes you ever did see.

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