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Sneak Peek: Mini Espresso Cheesecake Bites

Tonight, I am going to a midnight showing of the Hunger Games.  Generally, I behave in a grandmotherly fashion and go to bed at 10pm on weekdays, since I obviously need to conserve my precious energy for weekend boy scouting. This, however is a special occasion.

So since it will be late and the it is the Hunger Games, after all, I decided to make an espresso flavored treat to help my fellow tributes and I stay awake past our bedtimes. I think this proves that I am Peeta’s real soul mate. We can bake together and it will be beautiful.

As long as I don’t kill him in the games first.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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Make Some Love

Ingredients: Pretzels, Dried Cherries, Melted Dark Chocolate

Pour some melted chocolate over pretzels, like so.

Place another layer of pretzels on top.

Cover top with dried cherries and refrigerate until set. Top will look like this:

Bottom like this:


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