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Sneak Peek: Pasta with Spicy & Creamy Marinara Sauce for Two

Another night, another round of “what the hell can I make with the meager rations in my pantry.”

I present to you tonight’s delicious results. The sauce is healthier than most since I used cream cheese and mascarpone (leftover from these) rather than heavy cream. Tastes equally incredible to me. And now I feel like a cream cheese commercial.

You may be wondering who I am sharing this with, as it’s labeled “for two.” Don’t get too excited – my +1 is simply my future self who will undoubtedly be scarfing down these leftovers tomorrow and justifying it with 45 minutes of pretending her gear is higher than it is in spin class. Classy lady, that one. I like her already.

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Skillet Mac & Cheese for Grown-Ups

Ah, the first weekend of 2012.  In terms of men, I’ve got to say this one has been a disappointment. Though isn’t that always the case where men are involved? Sigh.

But fear not, my followers- there is much more interesting man drama on the near horizon. Next weekend, I am going to San Francisco for a work conference. There, I will see a boy I have been lusting after since I was married… not that I ever would have done anything about it, he was just fun to look at. Like really fun. Stare-worthy. Maybe I was a little creepy, I don’t know. Anyway, now that I am single, I am determined that we are going to make out. Woman ON A MISSION. Clear the way.

Also, a guy from my graduate program has popped back into my life. I re-friended him on facebook (where it is clear that I am now single), two minutes after which he posted a status of the song “Keep Me in Mind” with the caption “You know who you are…”

Not to sound like a conceited bitch, but pretty sure he meant me. Solidified by the fact that he texted me and is re-arranging his trip to Austin so that we can meet up. Funny- he hasn’t contacted me for literally a year and now that I’m single, his pants are on fire.  He doesn’t sound desperate at all.

Anyway, back to this weekend. Friday night, I went out but didn’t meet anyone new. In fact, I hung out with a friend of back alley way lover’s for a little bit, which led to me texting him, asking why he wasn’t out.  Why, why, WHY do I still try and reconnect with this d-bag? I hid him from my facebook minifeed, deleted his number from my phone, and yet I still find excuses (and methods) to contact him. I am a fucking idiot. Will someone please slap me over the head with a copy of this? Thank you. I needed that.

After that riveting evening, I decided to stay in last night. I had a couple of my girlfriends over for dinner to eat this delicious mac & cheese…. because nobody should consume this much cheese alone. I used this recipe because Ellie Krieger is my celebrity chef crush. I adore her recipes, and they are secretly nutritious. The only modifications to the recipe I made were to add diced green chiles (I am a Texan, after all) and some cubed ham, because like any brute cavewoman, I need my meat.

And I definitely didn’t just eat a bowl of the leftovers. For breakfast. In my bed. While typing this. That would have been really pathetic. Yep, glad it didn’t happen…

(Secret Ingredients… don’t tell your guests there is cauliflower. It’s like benevolent roofying, injecting them with secret vegetables.)

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